Loss of Latvian Passport while Visiting Indonesia

A return certificate is a temporary travel document, which assures the identity of a person under jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia and replaces travel document (Latvian Passport) issued by the Republic of Latvia.  The Return Certificate gives its holder the right to cross the border of the Republic of Latvia one time only, when returning from Indonesia.

ApplyING Return Certificate

The Return Certificate can be issued by the Latvian Honorary Consulate General Office in Jakarta if the person requesting it, while visiting Indonesia, has lost his/her travel document issued by the Republic of Latvia (Latvian Passport) or if the document has been stolen or has become invalid for further use.

In extreme situations, the Return Certificate can be issued instantly (with approval from Consular Department of Latvia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The validity of the Return Certificate is 30 days.

In order to receive a Return Certificate, the following documents must be submitted to the Latvian Honorary Consulate General Office in Jakarta:

  • Application forms - please click DOC 1 & 2 to download (DOC 1 & DOC 2)
  • The scanned copy of Latvian Passport
  • If the Latvian Passport has been stolen or lost – local police report obtained from the nearest police station
  • A passport size photos (3x4cm) - can send the image thru email
  • Payment of 15 EUR Fee to State Treasury of Latvia for issuance of Return Certificate - see below

Valsts nodevu par atgriešanās apliecības izsniegšanu iespējams samaksāt, veicot pārskaitījumu uz šādiem rekvizītiem:
Saņēmējs: Valsts kase
Reģistrācijas numurs: 90000050138
Konta numurs: LV81TREL1060110919100
Saņēmējiestāde: Valsts kase
Saņēmēja BIC: TRELLV22
Maksājuma mērķis: valsts nodeva par atgriešanās apliecības Vārds/Uzvārds saņemšanu, MK not. Nr. 223 (27.03.2012.)

Please take note that the return certificate is valid only for one (1) month from the date of its issuance.

Upon receipt the return certificate, it must be signed by the holder and before your departure date, it should be stamped (validated) at the nearest Immigration Office (Pelayanan Paspor Hilang) which the address can be checked from the Immigration website (www.imigrasi.go.id). It is recommended that you do this at your earliest possible before your departure. The Immigration stamping will validate your arrival to Indonesia. It is important to get this stamping, as otherwise you will not be allowed to leave the country with only using the return certificate issued to you.

When going to airport for departure, please also bring the police certificate about the lost passport together with the return certificate with already stamped by immigration.

ARRIVING Home in Latvia

After leaving Indonesia and arriving in Latvia, the person holding the Return Certificate must submit it to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) of the Ministry of the Interior of Latvia, based on the last registered permanent residence place and must then apply for a new passport of the Republic of Latvia.

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