Residence Permit for Investor in Latvia

On 1st of September 2014 new amendments in law about immigration went into force. These amendments allow foreigners to receive a residence permit in Latvia for purchasing a real estate in Latvia; investing in subordinated capital - deposit in one of Latvian banks ; or investing in business, company's capital owned by resident of Latvia.

In these cases the investor has a chance to be eligible for receiving a residence permit in Latvia for 5 years with re-registration. Residence permit in Latvia provides an opportunity to freely travel in Schengen area and rights to work in Latvia.

A residence permit gives a foreigner the rights

  • To stay in the Republic of Latvia for a period of time not exceeding five years;
  • To freely cross borders of EU Member States and non-EU countries;
  • To move and stay up to 90 days within the territory of other EU countries except for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania;
  • To obtain a Latvian or EU permanent residence permit after five years;
  • To obtain temporary residence permits for the spouse and children.

A residence permit may be obtained by investing in real estate

  • Buying a realty object (apartment or house) in Latvia. The object must cost the minimum of EUR 250,000. The Government fee for issuance of residency permit is 5 % from the property price indicated in the purchase contract.
  • Only non-cash funds may be used for purchasing real estate;
  • A foreigner does not have and has never had any debts of payments of real estate tax in Latvia;
  • A residence permit is issued after registering the ownership in the Land Register.

A RESIDENCE PERMIT MAY BE OBTAINED BY investing in Latvian credit institutions

  • Open a banking deposit of 300,000 EUR or 400,000 USD with a Latvian bank.
  • The deposit cannot be withdrawn before the maturity for five years.
  • The Government fee for issuance of residency permit is EUR 25,000.

A RESIDENCE PERMIT MAY BE OBTAINED BY  investing in the equity capital of a COMPANY

  • If a person (individual) invests at least 150,000 EUR or 35,000 EUR in the share capital and a company.
    If 35,000 EUR is invested, the company shall pay in taxes at least 40,000 EUR within a financial year. It must have a maximum of 50 employees and annual turnover not exceeding 10,000,000 EUR, for maximum 3 persons.
  • If 150,000 EUR is invested, the company shall have more than 50 employees and annual turnover shall exceed 10 000 000 EUR.

A RESIDENCE PERMIT MAY BE OBTAINED BY  establishing branch/ representative office

  • A person registered in the Latvian Commercial Register as the Board or the Council, management or a person authorized to represent a foreign corporate entity in activities related to the branch/office in Latvia;
  • The company must be registered each year, has to pay in taxes min. 21 350 EUR per year.
  • The branch/ representative office must prove their business activity by presenting concluded agreements.


  • The person is an employee in a Latvian or foreign company.
  • In this case he must have a minimum salary of 818 EUR per month and place of residence.
  • The residence permit will be issued per the terms of the Employment agreement.
  • Receiving of the work permit and announcement of the vacancy (1 month before receiving of the work permit) is required before the residence permit will be issued.

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