Applying for an Emergency Travel Document (Return Certificate)

The Latvian Honorary Consulate General Office in Jakarta is authorized to issue an Emergency Travel Document, also known as the Return Certificate, under the following circumstances:

- If a person visiting Indonesia has lost their travel document issued by the Republic of Latvia (Latvian Passport)
- If the travel document has been stolen or has become invalid for further use
- If the applicant is a newborn in Indonesia and holds Latvian citizenship

The Return Certificate is a temporary travel document that serves as proof of identity under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia. It functions as a replacement for the regular travel document, such as a passport issued by the Republic of Latvia.

Please note that the Return Certificate grants its holder the right to cross the Republic of Latvia's border only when returning from abroad. It is not valid for other travel purposes and is intended solely for re-entry into Latvia.

To receive a Return Certificate, these documents must be submitted to the Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Latvia in Jakarta:

- Application form (in Latvian) - click here

- The invalid (or copy) Latvian passport or ID card;

- If the passport or ID card has been stolen – police report and explanation for the loss of the passport or ID card;

- If the passport or ID card has been lost – explain the loss of the passport or ID card;

- Two passport-size photos with a white colour background (3x4cm);

- The fee for issuing the Return certificate - is 15.00.

Please note that the return certificate is only valid for the period required to return to Latvia or the country of residence.

The completed application form and a digital passport-size photo can be emailed to the office of the Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Latvia in Jakarta - [email protected]

Upon receiving the return certificate, the holder must sign it and proceed to the Indonesian Immigration Airport Office for validation. It is highly recommended to complete this process a few days before departing from Indonesia.

Immigration validation is necessary to verify and validate your arrival and duration of stay in Indonesia. Without it, you cannot leave the country using only the return certificate.

When going to the immigration office for validation, please bring the police certificate regarding the lost passport, along with a letter prepared by our office addressed to the immigration office to assist with the validation process.

Emergency Travel Document (Return Certificate)