Marriage Procedure in Indonesia

Many Latvian intends to visit Indonesia for their marriage and have their Balinese exotic wedding ceremony and at the same time enjoy their honeymoon on Bali Island.  International marriages between Latvian & Indonesian are common these days, and for such planning, there are procedures for the Latvian individual(s) to prepare before saying “I do“.


For Latvian national to conduct a marriage in Indonesia between a Latvian to a Latvian or a Latvian to another nationality, the Latvian national would need to provide a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) to prove that the person is free to get married (their marital status).

To obtain this Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI), the Latvian national needs to apply for this certificate from the office of PMLP (Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde) in the form of an acknowledgement letter (see sample) or from the nearest Latvian Embassy.  

Generally, if a Latvian citizen decides to conclude a marriage abroad, he or she should prepare the documents beforehand.

These letters must be translated into the English language.

  • The applicant's Passport
  • Notarized copy of the Birth Certificate of the applicant and its translation into English by a sworn translator
  • Notarized copy of the Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage (CNI) issued by the office of PMLP (Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde) and its translation into English by a sworn translator

Other information require are:

  • The applicant's current residence address
  • The address for the applicant's address or the wedding organizer's address in Indonesia for forwarding the recommendation letters below

Once obtained, this letter and other documents mentioned above must be scanned and emailed to the Indonesian Honorary Consulate Office in Jakarta ([email protected]) before sending the original copy.


For the marriage to be conducted and registered in Indonesia, the local authority (Indonesian Civil Registry) would need the identification and marital status of the foreigners to be validated by the Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Latvia. 

Therefore, upon submitting all documents mentioned above by the applicant, the Latvian Honorary Consulate General Office will verify and issue recommendation letters for certifying the applicant's birth certificate and current marital status for the Indonesian Civil Registry to process the pre-marriage registration and officiate the wedding.

The recommendation letters issued by the Honorary Consulate General office can be picked up by the wedding organizer in Indonesia or forwarded to the wedding organiser's address before the wedding date. The cost of sending the document is to be paid by the applicant or the wedding organizer.


Once the Indonesian Civil Registry has conducted and officiated the marriage in Indonesia, the issued marriage certificate needs to be registered in PMLP (Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde) so the marriage is recognized and accepted in Latvia. Failure to report it to PMLP (Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde) means the marriage will not be recognized in Latvia.

For the Indonesian marriage certificate to be accepted by PMLP (Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde), an Apostille certificate is required. Such can be applied online at the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights at For further information, please get in touch with the Ministry's Contact Center via e-mail at [email protected] or telephone at 1500105 (Indonesia).

Marriage in Indonesia